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This poor poor writing community has all but been abandoned. Until now! You folk have continued to post through everything and despite my attempt at forgetting this community many more have joined. So why the hell not revive this nonsense. It was said once that this was the best writing community on livejournal.. then again that was like four years ago and there weren't that many around. I think we can give it another shot though eh? So without further adieu..

If you've come this far then you have some sort of interest in writing or reading or art or poetry or love or whatever and needed an outlet to dedicate it to. You probably were referred to this joint by a friend or a link or just simple curiosity. However you achieved this precipice of intellect, welcome, enjoy. Post it on up.

I hate rules so therefore there are none. If you post an image and want to make it six gagillion pixels by four then go for it, not my server space your sucking up. If you have a short story (or a long one for that matter) and don’t feel like putting it under a cut tag then don’t, shoplifters cut tags, not writers. If you feel that a nude/semi nude photo of some sort would be on-topic for this community and you want to post your artistic presence then feel free to just throw it up there. As implied earlier, cut tags should be used for comedic enhancement only and never for the purpose of making things work safe. You shouldn’t be reading livejournal at work or school anyway. Remember back before the internet when people did work at work, that’s what they’re paying you for asshole. Or when kids went outside during breaks at school, that’s what quads and inter-mural sports are for.. not to mention bars people! Remember bars?! There not just for the weekends anymore. The only thing I ask, and I don’t think it’s too very much to ask, is that you’re respectful of everyone and everything on here. Constructive criticism makes the world go round and saves you the trouble of making an idiot of yourselves okay kids.

I will also be making this community a bit more interactive. If you have any thoughts or ideas on how to make anything better please let me know. My door is always open. This community is maintained by:

aprilmorning and last but not least